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Learning Cities and Regions will not happen unless their employees, stakeholders and citizens become co-creators in their growth and development’

(Prof Norman Longworth)


The Challenge

  • To increase knowledge of the learning city/learning region concept among local and regional authority staff
  • To relate this knowledge and its implications to their own local and regional authority
  • To determine their further learning needs so that this can be incorporated into continuous personal and professional development programmes
  • To find and/or develop learning materials that will satisfy the needs

The Method

  • Develop an interactive learning needs analysis audit tool suitable for local and regional Authorities
  • Liaise with local authorities and administer the audit under agreed guidelines
  • Research and analyse the results (Learning needs)
  • Research and find the learning materials
  • Deliver seminars and help establish continuous improvement programmes

Target groups

  • Managers and decision-makers in local and regional authorities
  • Professionals, administrators and other staff at all levels in city and regional departments
  • City, Regional and Community leaders including elected representatives
  • Managers and staff in stakeholder organisations

This ground-breaking project is now complete.

It has high-lighted the enormous need for the inclusion of materials on learning cities and regions in continuous professional development programmes for all managers, administrators and councillors in local government - and for new ways of delivering it.
The active learning materials on this website will go a long way towards satisfying this need.


To see the executive summary please click here (72KB)

To see the full Lilara report please contact m.osborne@educ.gla.ac.uk